Wednesday, 14 November 2018

POST by LORENZY: Street Witnessing in Alicante

Just recently my DTS went on their first outreach to another city. We went to the east coast to a place called Alicante.

The day that we were supposed to leave was also the fall fest that an organisation inside YWAM put on for the kids of the community and we were going to help out by doing a little skit and a dance as well as helping out with the other activities they had going on for the kids.

As soon as the event was over at around 8 we had to leave because it is around a 4 hour trip and we wanted to get there at around midnight and no later. As the rain started pouring and everyone else was helping pack up everything we had to say adios and head out.

I was so exhausted that I pretty much fell straight to sleep when we got in the car even though I was in the back middle seat next to my roommate Serena and Amparo one of the staff at the base.

I woke up maybe 30 minutes before we were arriving at the first place we were going to drop some people off. We were each sleeping at a different house with people from the team that had already arrived.

We dropped off the first guy at his house. I was next to be dropped off and my stop was another 10 minutes away. When we arrived it was maybe 12:30am so I got out of the van and walked up to the entrance of the apartment building where I would be staying. With me was the DTS director Javi.

Javi was contacting Liana, the girl from our base that was already in the apartment with the family. He let her know we’d arrived, but there were two different apartment buildings and we were unsure of which one to approach. One building had a number 7 and the other a number 9. She told us to go to the one that said 7. We were waiting for about 10 minutes and Javi asked Liana if they were gonna come down to get me or buzz me in. She said that the girl from the apartment was on her way down. So we kept on waiting patiently.

It was Halloween and now 1am. A lot of people dressed as scary killer clowns and zombies were walking by us. The drunk people didn’t scare me as much as the sober ones, but in any case I just wanted to get into the apartment so that I could sleep since we had an early start planned for the next morning.

Javi sent Liana another message asking if they were coming. Liana told us that the lady had gone downstairs and had been waiting for us for a while now. Javi sent them our location to see if we were at the right place and it turns out we were in fact 20 minutes away. The first part of the address we’d been given was correct but there was just one word that was different so the GPS sent us to another place.

We were closer to dropping off other people so we decided to do that first. We went to the next place and the people were not answering their phones. They were asleep. It was getting late and so we decided to return to that place later and drop off other people first.

The next place we went to was for Jorge Luis. His host family was ready and waiting when we arrived. Finally we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! It was now my turn once again to be dropped off and this time we were at the right place. The people came down and were not upset and were very understanding even though it was almost 3am. I went straight to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next morning we were up and ready at 9 and went to a church to meet up with the rest of our team. The dancers stayed at the church to practice because the first show was that night. The rest of us went out to the streets to pass out flyers and invite people to the show. We split up into groups and got into it.

I started walking with my group and I don’t think they had done this before because they let a lot of people pass by them, but I’d been trained to do this with The Nicavangelists and so I was talking with everyone I could.

The group that I was with laughed at me because I was very shy at the beginning when we met at the church but when we started passing out flyers I was another person talking to everyone and having no shame.

I really enjoyed doing it and felt in my element. That night we went to the biggest theatre on Alicante that holds around 1,500 people in it. Our work was after the show and after the alter call. We were instructed to approach people and ask them about what they knew of Jesus and chat about their lives, and all that stuff.

I looked at the people that had stayed in their chairs and did not go up for the alter call. I saw this one guy sitting in his chair with very teary eyes. With another girl from our team I approached this fellow and spoke with him. His name was Sebastián. He hadn’t really ever heard much about Jesus before and so we explained a little bit more about the Lord, and the Gospel, answered his questions and then YES!!! He decided to give his life to Jesus! We talked to a pastor from Alicante, she came to talk with this Sebastián some more and he agreed to attend the pastor’s church.

This outreach made me feel right at home because we did exactly what I do with the Nicavangelists. Pass out flyers, do a show, then talk to the people about everything afterwards.
I didn’t realise how much I love doing what I do with the Nicavangelists and how much I missed going on outreach to pass out flyers, dance, share Jesus…

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POST by JED: Mixhel Fox

“Jed I need your help, sorry for this problem. My dad is so sick right now and have a medical spray from you toe. Era por el motivo que trabajaba yo ayudar a mi familia y la verdad me eh quedado sin nada ni paga me dieron (It was for this reason that I worked, to help my family, and the truth is that I was left (fired) without anything and no payment).”

This was the first of many messages I’ve recently received from our Mexican son in relation to his father’s poor health. Mixhel Fox is a 19 year old kid from a little city in the north, Obregón, in the state of Sonora. We first brought Mixhel from Mexico to Nicaragua a couple of years ago for our Stunt Master Chaos Gathering, “Truco Caos Maestro Reunión.” He has been a Nicavangelist ever since, and we’ve brought him back to Managua each year for our gathering and to train with The Nicavangelists.

Mixhel and I (And the rest of the troupe) talk on a daily basis and have done for a couple of years. Mixhel is keen to completely join The Nicavangelists and this will happen once we can afford to apply for his visa and bring him over. Mixhel is a lovely young man, very compassionate, a big smile, a BRILLIANT teacher, patient, enthusiastic, energetic and happy to participate in our daily devotions, Bible readings and prayer times. WE ARE EXCITED ABOUT MIXHY!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of weeks after the first message about Mixhel’s dad, we received this… “my grandfather returned to his illness he cut off most of his fingers, everything in my house are just problems, I will not be able to train anymore, just work and every time they just go through problems I'm down, thinking what to do.”

Mixhel’s father is a no-show. His mother is too. Mixhel has never shaken his father’s hand, looked him in the eye, heard his voice, nothing. As a wee tot, Mixhel was abandoned by mum and dad, left in the arms of his grandparents. He uses the words mother and grandmother, father and grandfather interchangeably. Mixhel LOVES his grandparents, they’re all he’s got and vice versa.

And so diabetes… Mixhel has requested funds for medicines, skin applications, and for the cost of doctor’s visits and surgeries in hospital. We have provided these funds, but I wanted to put Mixhel’s story out there, so we can bring him to us and continue to support his elderly grandparents.

I have spent time with Mixhel on the phone as he’s cried, and I can tell you this guy is seriously in pain. He’s lost his job because the business he worked for went bankrupt and now the lad works the traffic lights, dancing and flipping to collect coins to provide for his family. Some days are good, other days the police shoo him away, or the aches from the previous day’s dancing is too much to bear.   

I want to build support for Mixhel and so I’ve asked him to share his story:

(Hi I'm mixhel Fox, I'm from Obregón, Sonora, in Mexico. I come from a broken family. My parents abandoned me when I was 5 years old and since then I’ve live with my grandparents. They are older. I love them very much of course…

Everything was going really well until my granddad found out he had a serious infection in his feet because of diabetes. The disease advanced rapidly and a month later my granddad lost a toe on his right foot. He has suffered a lot, because the infection has not stopped, it won’t heal. It is an open wound and the medications he needs are quite expensive.

I decided to support them constantly so that he can be mobile, but after 6 months he’s relapsed. Now my grandfather only has 3 toes on his right foot and the doctors say that there is a significant chance of him losing both of his legs.

At the moment my family is just my grandmother and I in this situation. We are very sad to see my grandfather decay little by little and the pain is severe for him. He is old and feels in pain most of the time because of what has happened to him.)

“Hola soy mixhel Fox, soy de xd Obregón sonora Mexico, vengo de una familia separada de mis padres y desde mis 5 años de edad vivo con mis abuelitos ellos ya son mayores de la tercera edad los quiero muchísimo por supuesto, todo iba súper bien hasta que a mi abuelito le detectaron una fuerte infección de diabetes en sus pies lo cual la enfermedad bajo tan rápido que al mes ya no tenía en su pie derecho ningún dedo lo cual sufrió mucho por qué la infección no cura ya que es una herida abierto y los medicamentos que el ocupa son bastante costoso yo decidí apoyarlos constantemente para que pueda salir pero ala vuelta de 6 meses volvió a recaer y hoy en día ya solo le quedan 3 dedos de su pierna derecha con probabilidad de perder las dos piernas.
Por el momento mi familia solo somos mi abuela y yo en esto
Estamos super tristes por ver decaer poco a poco a mi abuelo y los dolores son muy fuertes para el ya que está grande de edad y es muy doloroso por lo qué pasa.”

We want to see Mixhel realise a BRIGHT FUTURE! We want his dad (grandfather) to be healed. Please believe with us for a great testimony of what God has done in healing Mixhel’s dad. If you’d like to support Mixhel with a once off gift or on a monthly basis, please visit the following link and find a payment method that works for you (Make a note that the payment is for Mixhel or email and let us know…):

Loads of love and watch this space!


Tuesday, 13 November 2018

POST by ELIEZER: Week 7 (How to walk with Jesus)

This week the impact team of the JCUM Madrid gave the teaching that it was about walking like Jesus walked.

This week it looked very interesting for 2 reasons, the subject of study and finally arrived the young people of the school JCUM Cáceres came to share a week with us as we had done a couple of weeks ago.

I was very happy to see them again I decided to go down to the basement for community meetings there were all 14 young people from that school since I saw them I realized it would be a very good week.

The week was going very slowly, the weather was cold and cold, it had been raining almost every day.

The classes from Monday to Wednesday were great I learned a lot about the life of Jesus and the purpose he has for us and the promise we must make of dying every day to be born and live in Jesus.

The following days were dedicated to doing activities on how to face our fears one by one the youth of JCUM Madrid and JCUM Cáceres went on to say the deepest fears that we had, followed by confronting all those fears that prevented us from moving forward. There were tears, prayers and many things in that time.

On Friday the youth of JCUM Cáceres had to return to their city we said goodbye to them with great sadness because we did not know if we would see them again, but a part of them stayed in our hearts.

That same day began the intensive hip hop camp organized by impact at the school in JCUM to recruit new dancers. Many young people from all over Spain came to the camp that would be from Friday to Sunday.

The classes were great the concept of the camp was very varied but what gave me more joy was seeing so many young people wanting to be part of the team impact for the glory of God.

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Esta semana el equipo de IMPACT de la JCUM Madrid dio la enseñanza q se trataba como andar como Jesus anduvo.

Esta semana se veía muy interesante por 2 motivos, el tema de estudio y q finalmente avian llegado los jovenes de la escuela JCUM Cáceres vinieron a compartir una semana con nosotros como nosotros aviamos echo un par de semanas atrás.

Yo muy feliz de verlos nueva mente me dispuse a bajar a el sótano para las reuniones de comunidad hay estaban todos 14 jóvenes de aquella escuela desde q los vi me di cuenta q sería una semana muy buena.

La semana iba transcurriendo muy lenta mente el clima estaba umedo y helado avia pasado lloviendo casi todo los días.

Las clases desde el lunes asta el miércoles fueron grandiosas aprendí mucho sobre la vida de Jesús y el propósito q el tiene para nosotros y q de la promesa q debemos hacer de morir cada día para poder nacer y vivir en Jesus.

Los siguientes días los dedicamos a hacer actividades sobre como enfrentar nuestros miedos uno por uno los jóvenes de JCUM Madrid y JCUM Cáceres pasamos a decir los miedos más profundos q teníamos. seguido de confrontar todo esos miedos q nos impedía seguir adelante. hubieron lágrimas, oraciones y muchas cosas en ese tiempo.

El viernes los jovenes de JCUM Cáceres tenian q volver a su ciudad nos despedimos de ellos con una gran tristeza porq no sabíamos si los volveríamos a ver. pero una parte de ellos se quedo en nuestro corazones.

Ese mismo día comenzaba el campamento intensivo de hip hop que organizado por impact  en la escuela en JCUM para reclutar a nuevos bailarines. llegaron muchos jovenes de todas parte de españa a el campamento q sería de viernes a domingo.

Las clases estuvieron estupendas el concepto de el campamento fue muy variado pero lo q mas me dio alegría fue ver tantos jóvenes queriendo ser parte de el equipo impact para la gloria de Dios.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

POST by ELIEZER: Week 6 (Reflection and forgiveness)

Week 6 we started the week with a service of young people in the basement of our base EDE. Javier had an activity on how to know more God and ourselves in the room put a paper cross where we could write about what God He was talking to us at that moment. All the students wrote in it and we all put what was disturbing us.

It was a great beginning of the week I felt very liberated and happy for what God is working in my life. We ​​went up to the first floor to the classroom and we (then) realized who our professors were going to be that week and were the directors of the JCUM base. “Goyo” and “Greis” began by talking about their testimony and how they had arrived at this base and little by little they received the call of God.

The title of the teaching was “the divine way” was a teaching about the walls that we have in our lives, the walls badly formed about our character and the sins that we had been accumulating in our life. I was shocked by the amount of walls that I’d created in my life. So I identified those problems that I needed to solve.

The classes became more intense, speaking about the forgiveness of how we should forgive the people who hurt us, and we forgive ourselves by asking forgiveness from God for those walls that were sinking us into bad things.

We sat in chairs in a circle and everyone had to talk about what we should forgive. I was the first to speak but it cost me a lot there were things in my life that I had tried to forget but in that time I could forgive, being free.

It was an experience that I will never forget because I am now healthy in many points of my life.

The days passed and they informed us that we had to participate in a festival for the children of the community so all the students of the EDE and those of biblical studies set up a circus. We put a lot of time practicing dance choreography and each one of us had to put our talents so that the event is a success.

The last day of the teaching of the divine way we had a dinner to celebrate that we had forgiven and liberated everything that was separating us from God.

The dinner was very nice but the best was yet to come. The leaders prepared some places in the room where they washed our feet and where they were going to pray for us. We learned a lot that week. I think it was the week that most helped me to know myself and to know God as he is.

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Semana 6 comenzamos la semana con un servicio de jóvenes en el sótano de la base nuestro lídere de la EDE Javier nos tenía una actividad sobre como conocer más a Dios y a nosotros mismos en el salón pusieron una cruz de papel donde podíamos escribir sobre lo que dios nos estaba hablando en ese momento. todos los estudiantes escribimos en el y todos pusimos  lo que nos estaba perturbado .

Fue un comienso genial de la semana me sentí muy liberado y contento por lo q Dios esta trabajando en mi vida subimos al primer piso a el salón de clases. y nos dimos cuenta de quienes iban a ser nuestros profesores de esa semana y eran los directores de la base de JCUM Goyo y Greis empezaron ablando sobre su testimonio y como habían llegado a esta base y poco a poco recibieron el llamado de Dios.

El título de la enseñanza era la el camino divino era una enseñanza sobre los muros que tenemos en nuestras vidas los muros mal formados sobre nuestro caracter y los pecados que habíamos ido acumulando en nuestra vida yo me quedé impactado por la cantidad de muros que avia ido creando en mi vida me sentí tan identificado con esos problemas que me faltaba por resolver.

Las clases se pusieron más intensas ablando sobre el perdón de como debíamos de perdonar alas personas que nos avian echo daño en nuestra vida y perdonamos a nosotros mismos también pedirle perdón a Dios por esos muros que nos estaban hundiendo en cosas malas .

Nos sentamos en sillas en círculo y cada uno tenía que hablar sobre lo que debíamos de perdonar yo fui el primero que hable pero a mi me costó mucho habían cosas en mi vida que avia tratado de olvidar pero en ese tiempo pude perdonar ser libre .

Fue una experiencia que nunca voy a olvidar porq me sano en muchos puntos de mi vida .

Los días transcurrían y nos informaron que teníamos que participar en una festival para los niños de la comunidad así que todos los estudiantes de la EDE y los de estudios bíblicos armamos un circo pusimos mucho tiempo practicando coreografías de baile y cada uno de nosotros debíamos poner nuestros talentos para que el evento sea un éxito .

El último día de la enseñanza de el camino divino tuvimos una cena para celebrar que habíamos perdonado y liberado todo lo que nos estaba apartando de Dios .

La cena fue muy bonita pero lo mejor estaba por venir. los lideres prepararon unos lugares en el salón donde nos lavaron los pies y donde iban a orar por nosotros aprendimos mucho esa semana creo que a sido la semana que más me a alludado a conocerme y a conocer a Dios como el es.

POST by LORENZY: Dance Teacher Time

The week that we were at Cáceres with the other DTS we went on their schedule. Their DTS has a focus of extreme sports and music. So some days we would do sports like slacklining, which is where there is this elastic band tied around two trees and you can do tricks on it but we just focused on being able to walk across it without wobbling like crazy. Eliezer taught some people tricking and others played soccer.

One evening when we were supposed to have band practice they said our DTS could give a dance class since our focus is hiphop and multimedia. But then our leaders all said that Eliezer would give a class to half of the group and that I had to give a class to the other half of the group. That freaked me out because I wanted to receive dance classes and they wanted me to teach others what I had only learned the week before!

There wasn’t enough space for us to split up into two groups so Eliezer and I were now going to teach together. That made me feel heaps better. So Ivan was in charge of the warm-up and then he passed it over to us.

Eliezer taught then the beginning to a routine and then I taught the end. We did it all together and once people were feeling confident we got into groups of four and presented it to everyone else. We ended up in a circle where we took turns going in and showing off our dance moves. Groovy baby!

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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

POST by LORENZY: The Father Heart of God

This last week we went to a city called “Cáceres.” It’s about a 3 hour drive from where we are, Madrid. The reason why we went there was because we were going to combine the DTS students from Madrid with the DTS students from Cáceres and have classes together.

One of the days we were there, we went out to walk around the city and learn a little bit about the history. After that I went with Serena, one of my peers, and Ana, one of our leaders. The time was designated for us to be discipled (mentored), and for us to process together what we’d been taught and experienced in class.

We went to a little cafe in the town’s center (Yum, wish I was there), sat down and enjoyed coffee and doughnuts together (Double yum). We started talking about how we are getting along with the students from the other DTS (students from the YWAM in Cáceres) and talked in-depth about the classes we were taking, the theme for this week has been the Father Heart of God (Isn't that nice... If you've got stuff to do, now would be the perfect time).

Serena and I both have fathers that work in the ministry (Yippee) but Ana’s father was pretty absent. So we each talked about past wounds we have from our earthly fathers (I'm sure Lorenzy only really needed to listen and draw from the wealth of beautiful experiences she's had with earthly father) and tried to comprehend how God is our Heavenly Father. After not too long It got to the point where all three of us were sitting there, holding hands and crying in the middle of this cafe in the city’s center (Oh dear. So go back to the doughnuts. How were they? Like "Dunkin" or "Crispy Creme's?" Do they drink Lavazza there much?).

I don’t usually share much about my personal life with people (True) but I’ve been encouraged to do so (Not by me you haven't), and by doing this in the cafe I’ve been able to feel not so big of a burden and I feel a better connection with these lovely people (Scrummy). So it has been a very intense week in Cáceres, but absolutely necessary and completely wonderful too (Stoked for Renzy, this was well-needed and I pray God continues to draw the darling poppit towards him more).

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Friday, 26 October 2018


Week 5 we had to share classes with another school in another city. We started with a great trip of 3 hours from Madrid. We packed our bags and put them in the car that would take us there and we started our journey to a city called Cáceres, which is a historic city (dated back to) 30 years before the birth of Christ. In it (Cáceres) there is a JCUM base (Youth With A Mission, the Bible school Eliezer is attending).

The first day we had to take classes with Professor Nacho, 38 (years old), who is the director of the base in that city. Our theme of that week was the fatherly love of God. We had many hours of explanations and teachings that told us about how to see God as a father. They explained things to us about how God does not see us as well (I have no idea where Eliezer is going with this but I’m enjoying the read so am leaving it in anyway) and that he gave us things that came to our hearts.

At the end of the classes we took a tour of the city, the streets were super narrow and all the houses were together and were several stories ... we walked through the streets and every time I marvelled more to see that beautiful city and I started to investigate the history.

Cáceres (Spanish pronunciation: [kaθeɾes] – that is Eliezer’s brackets and explanation. It means nothing to me) is the capital of Cáceres province, in the autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain. In 2018 its population was around 96,000. The municipality has a land area of ​​1,750.33 km2 (675.81 sq mi), the largest geographically in Spain. The medieval walled city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also on the Via de la Plata (the Silver Route) path of the Camino de Santiago (Scrumptious).

Finishing to know the city we continued sharing with the 14 young people who were in that school. (There) were 10 girls and 4 boys all shared the same teaching that week.

The days passed and until almost the middle of the week Ivan, 31 years old, my hiphop teacher from the base in Madrid told me that me and Lorenzy had to give hiphop classes to the young people of that school I was very nervous about how I could teach these young people so I prayed and asked God to help me to do it with all my heart.

We started to make the teaching plan (and then) arrived the day of the class. We started (by) introducing ourselves and doing activities related to the dance. After, we taught a dance routine and the results were amazing. The boys enjoyed everything we taught them. I felt that we put a great connection with those young people after that class my heart was filled with joy knowing that God helped me by giving me the confidence to share with those young people.

The days passed and we became friends of all the young people there and the last day Nacho, the director of the base in Cáceres, gave us the last class and we made a summary of what God had worked on us that week. I learned a lot about seeing God as a father, a provider, and we can ask him for anything as insignificant as when I asked him for help to give classes because he is the best father that will ever exist, and he will not give us a rock if we ask him for bread.

I also began to settle many wounds I had because of the problems with my biological father. That week opened new doors in my relationship with God and I feel that every day increases my faith and my spirit is strengthened because my Heavenly Father is always by my side.

We returned to the base in Madrid but not before seeing a piece of my heart left in that small city. When we returned to base in Madrid we were informed that in a few weeks the young people from the base in Cáceres would come to our base in Madrid for a week I felt very happy and excited to see my friends from Cáceres again.

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Semana 5 nos toco compartir las clases con otra escuela en otra ciudad comenzamos con un gran viaje de 3 horas desde Madrid. empacamos nuestras maletas y las pusimos en el carro q nos llevaría asta hay y empesamos nuetro viajé hacia una ciudad llamada Cáceres que es una ciudad histórica echa 30 años antes de el nacimiento de Cristo En la q se encuentra un base de JCUM .

El primer día nos tocó recibir clases con el profesor Nacho de 38 años que es el director de la base de esa ciudad. nuestro tema de esa semana era el amor paternal de Dios tuvimos muchas horas de explicaciones y enseñanzas que nos hablaban sobre como ver a Dios como padre, nos explicaron cosas sobre como Dios no ve a nosotros también y desia cosas que nos llegaban al corazón.

Al terminar las clases dimos un recorrido por la ciudad las calles eran super estrechas y todas las casas estaban juntas y eran de varios pisos ... caminamos por las calles y cada ves me maravillaba más al ver esa hermosa ciudad i me puse a investigar sobre la historia .

Cáceres (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkaθeɾes]) is the capital of Cáceres province, in the autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain. In 2018 its population was around 96,000. The municipio has a land area of 1,750.33 km2 (675.81 sq mi), the largest geographically in Spain. The medieval walled city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also on the Via de la Plata (the Silver Route) path of the Camino de Santiago.

Terminando de conocer la ciudad seguimos compartiendo con los 14 jóvenes que estaban en esa escuela eran 10 chicas y 4 chicos todos compartimos la misma enseñanza esa semana.

Los días pasaban y llegando casi a mediado de la semana  Iván de 31 años de edad mi profesor de hip hop de la base en Madrid me dijo que yo y lorenzy teníanos que dar las clases de hip hop a los jóvenes de esa escuela yo estaba muy nervioso acerca de como podía dar clases a esos jóvenes así que oré y le pedí a Dios que me ayudará a poder hacerlo con todo mi corazón.

Comenzamos a hacer el plan de enseñanza llegó el día de la clases empezamos presentandonos y haciendo actividades relacionadas con el baile después enseñamos una rutina de baile y los resultados fueron asombrosos los chicos disfrutaron de todo lo que les enseñamos sentí que pusimos una gran conección con esos jóvenes después de esa clase mi corazón estaba lleno de alegría de saber que Dios me ayudó al darme confianza para compartir con esos jóvenes.

Pasaron los días y nos pusimos amigos de todos los jovenes de hay y el último día Nacho el director de la base en Cáceres nos dio la última clase y hicimos un resumen de sobre lo que dios avia trabajado en nosotros esa semana yo aprendí mucho sobre ver a Dios como padre un proveedor y que a el le podemos pedir cualquier cosa por insignificante que sea como cuando le pedí ayuda para dar las clases porque el es el el mejor padre que jamas existirá  y el no nos dara una roca si le pedimos pan.

También empese a zanar muchas heridas que tenía por los problemas con mi padre biológico esa semana abrió nuevas puertas en mi relación con Dios y siento que cada día aumenta mi fe y mi espíritu se fortalece porque mi padre celestial siempre está a mi lado.

Regresamos a la base en Madrid pero no sin antes a ver dejado un pedazo de mi corazón en aquella pequeña ciudad. Cuando regresamos ala base en Madrid nos informaron que en algunas semanas los jóvenes de la base en Cáceres vendrían a nuestra base en Madrid por una semana me sentí muy feliz y emocionado por volver a ver a mis amigos de Cáceres.