Tuesday, 18 September 2018

POST by LORENZY: United & American to Madrid

After saying our goodbyes to the group in California I headed out with my massive backpack and smaller but still as heavy as the bigger backpack, backpack, towards my gate. I was a bit worried about whether or not I was going to be able to make it to my gate or not even just with the weight of the smaller backpack.

Going up the escalator I saw my gate right in front of me. I did not have to speed walk across the whole airport because my gate was just a skip and a hop. I waved my last goodbyes to my friends and family and they left (NO WE DID NOT! WE WAITED!!! Oh, sorry… Daddy is editing and couldn’t help myself). I went to sit down but there were no more seats left so I sat on the floor and did school whilst I waited to board the plane (THAT’S MY GIRL!!!).

Upon landing in Houston, Texas, Eliezer and I found the airport to be like a ghost town. There wasn’t a soul in sight! We had no idea where to go. It seemed as though even the people that were on the plane with us disappeared into thin air. We were lost and had no idea where to go to find our bags. We followed signs until they were no more signs to be followed. We were looking everywhere until we saw the escalator and decided to just go down it not knowing where it would lead. Finally, we saw them! Our massive bags. We picked them up and dawdled out of the airport and towards the curb.

The road was empty. We went back inside and then out another exit and there were just a couple of buses that were parked. I suggested we sit down and message Mumma Susan (Our Texan group mother) and find out how far away she was and if she knew where was best for us to wait. No reply. It was 4 am and I was worried that Susan might have still been at home in bed asleep (Or like Dad, still up working).

Finally Eliezer called Susan and she said she was arriving at the airport. We walked to one of the exits and were about to go to another one when we heard a car racing down the street (Hahaha, everything’s bigger AND faster in Texas). There was Susan. I walked down to her so ready to just fall asleep in the car, especially because I had been feeling pretty ill. I put my bags in the boot (trunk) and quickly hopped into the backseat so I could lie down and sleep. I was offered the front seat, but allowed Eliezer to go instead of me so that he could talk to Susan and let them catch up.

We were at Susan’s for about a week and I had my head in the books the whole time (So proud). Little did I know that Susan had organized a surprise for me (So grateful to her). I didn’t know it but she had organised for one of her friends from church to do a photoshoot with me the day before our departure for Spain. It was nice to take a break from school, get all dressed up, and the photos turned out great.

On Wednesday we left Susan’s farm to go back to the airport. This time our airport experience was a no-brainer. We didn’t get lost and were able to find our gate pretty easily. Houston’s Bush Airport is beautiful. There were trees everywhere and rocking chairs in one part of it. We sat down and waited for our flight to commence boarding. I was still feeling a bit ill but did not really think anything of it.

Once we got onto the plane, we found that we (Eliezer and I) each had the middle seat on the same row. I was sat next to a little old lady and on the window seat there was this huge fella that looked like a beast. I imagined he was probably an American football player. The plane started taxiing down the runway and as it started to lift off the ground the guy next to me was breathing very heavily and was very jumpy. I glanced over at him and it looked like he was saying a little prayer.

Once we were up and away the turbulence started. The lady next to me was fine and was doing her crossword puzzle with not a care in the world. The guy next to me was grabbing onto the seat in front of him as well as the little arm rest between us. All of a sudden the plane dropped quite a bit and the guy started freaking out and tried to grab the armrest but missed and grabbed onto my leg instead. He quickly realised his error and apologized. He explained that he didn’t mean to grab me. I went back to watching a movie.

The turbulence had subsided a bit when all of a sudden I started to get really bad pain in my sinuses. I didn’t know what to do. The pain was mostly in my forehead. I felt like my head was about to burst and my eyes were going to pop right out of their sockets. I stopped watching the movie on my phone and held my head in my hands. I really wanted the two-hour flight which had barely just begun to be over. I was in complete agony. I felt bubbles all over my face that would not go away no matter what I did. I then remembered that I had the medicine Susan had given me for my sinuses when I had arrived at her house. I took some of that and some headache medicine. No position was comfortable. I thought I was going to throw up, faint and die. It was awful. Finally, we began our descent into Miami. As we began our final approach I started to feel a bit better. I thought about all the flights yet to take until we’d arrive in Madrid (We do things on the cheap). This was going to be a long couple of days.

Once on the ground in Miami we went to collect our bags. Then we walked for what seemed like an eternity to the next place where we had to check-in (From a United flight to an American flight). We had arrived at about 11 pm and our flight wasn’t until 1 pm the following day (Their domestic flights were $50 each and they didn’t have to get between airports). Services at the airport seemed mostly shut-up so we were going to have to wait at the check-in place until the next day when people started arriving for their flights.

We found a place where it looked like everyone who was in a similar predicament went to sleep and wait until the next day. We sat down and I opened my laptop. I was going to try to finish my school (Can I just say she managed it and STILL got straight A’s). Eliezer went to sleep and woke up, went walk about, came back and watched movies, slept again and repeated all of this until the next day. I did school until the morning. I was really exhausted but had to finish my work so I did not sleep (WELL DONE LORENZY!!!). As soon as the first coffee shop opened I was there to get as much caffeine as they would give me so I could stay awake.

 At about 8am Eliezer woke up and had so much energy he started dancing and flipping in the airport entrance. As soon as I finished all of my school work I was ready to sleep but it was time to check-in and go through security. I went to check-in on the little American Airlines kiosk they have at the airports and it said “Error, wait for assistance.” I went up to one of the airline’s agents and told them what the screen had said and so he tried making it work but it didn’t. He told me to go get my stuff and to go to talk at the desk with someone else. I went to get my stuff and get in line when I heard everyone around me start to freak out and say to each other, “Oh my gosh! Look over there! It’s Gucci Mane! There he goes!” I looked over and it was him. He was walking away to another part of the airport. 

I was abruptly interrupted by the American Airlines attendant who yelled, “Next please!” I walked over and she checked me in and without a problem. We passed security and went to wait at our gate. We sat down and as were doing so an inbound call appeared on my phone. It was our best friend, Jane (From Rochester, New York). We talked with her for a while and then I went to go and get more coffee because I still hadn’t slept, but we were going to board the plane soon. I called Jonny (My boyfriend) and talked to him about how my trip had gone so far and we chatted until I had to board the plane.

We were on our way to Charlotte and I could feel the agony in my head begin to return as we took off. I immediately took some more pills so that the pain would ease more quickly but the effects didn’t kick-in straight away. Again I had my head in my hands waiting for the flight to be over. I was praying intensely that the pain would go away so that I could maybe sleep. I had taken the pills too late because the pain didn’t go away until almost the end of the flight. By this time, I was so exhausted and I just remember that when we arrived in Charlotte we went to our gate and talked to Jane and Jonny some more.

Finally, we were on the plane that mattered, American Airlines flight 748, Charlotte to Madrid. This was the one that would take us to our FINAL destination in Spain. I’d been looking forward to this flight because it was our last but also because I really love going on long flights (ME TOO, ME TOO, MEEE TOOO!!!). The food, the movies, it all gets me excited (DITTO!!!).

We boarded our flight and found our seats. I was laughing at Eliezer because I saw that he had a middle seat. It looked like I had an aisle seat which I was excited about but then when we got on the plane I saw that there were two seats on the sides and four in the middle so I was also going to be in the middle. He started laughing at me and said that it was karma and that was why I was in the middle seat as well.

When we found our seats and sat down Eliezer’s face quickly changed and he looked at me. “My screen does not work….” Then I was the one laughing again. We were waiting for the people that were going to sit on either side of us to come and they never came. We each had an extra seat to ourselves which was awesome so we could spread out a little bit more.

Our plane took off and once again the pain started. I was exhausted and had not slept a wink yet. I took some more pills and then the flight attendants came along with their carts offering food and refreshments. I was so tired and wanted to sleep but I also wanted to eat so I forced myself to stay awake. As soon as I got my food I ate some of it and then fell asleep. I was in so much pain but was also so tired, so I fell asleep quickly. I woke up after only a few hours and spent the rest of the flight watching movies. I was very nervous about going through immigration and wondered if the people from YWAM would remember that we were coming and if they were going to come and collect us.

They did remember to pick us up and they took us straight to the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) base. I was exhausted and let Eliezer do all the talking. Once we arrived I was showed my room and met one of the girls that was in the same flat (room) as myself. She showed me around and then at 4:30pm I fell asleep and did not wake up until 6:30am. This is where I’ve gotten to so far.

Please stay tuned… Lorenzy-Ella will be at YWAM for 5 months, and will need your encouragement, prayers, and support. If you’d like to learn more how you can partner, please CLICK HERE

Sunday, 16 September 2018

POST by JED (And Eliezer): On My Way to DTS!

G’day Treasures!

The Nicavangelists are in Westlake Village (North of Los Angeles) and are having the WILDEST time. We’ve changed tack a bit and now spontaneously dance on the streets, rather than doorknock, as we believe it is more effective in getting our message out and a better use of our time, in addition to helping with public performance skills.

The people here in Westlake are ABSOLUTELY terrific! They watched the kids dance, applauded and cheered, then as the kids handed out invitations for church, folks handed back bills with numbers on them. THE KIDS GOT $5 EACH, JUST FOR DOING THEIR JOB! WE’VE NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE THAT! We went to Maccas and bought ice cream to celebrate. GOD is using us and we’re having so much fun as we potter furiously along!

Now as you may well know, Eliezer and Lorenzy-Ella touched down in Madrid a couple of days ago and will be attending a Discipleship Training School (DTS) at Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Lorenzy only finished school the day they flew out, and got straight A’s once again! Proud of that poppit! So I am asking them to write about their experiences with YWAM and will share them with you here.

Post by Eliezer (He wrote this story about his life in Spanish and then interpreted it himself into English):
hello my name is eliezer I'm from managua nicaragua.
Since I was born my father abandoned me and my mom had to go to another country to work to look for a better future
My grandparents were in charge of me and taught me to work on a farm since I was 8 years old.
I worked with cows and seeding bacic grains in the field at the age of 12 years I started to go out on the streets and
I always got involved in alchool problems and I got together with many bad people who I thought were my friends and they only taught me how to steal
At the age of 15, Jesus arrived in my life. through the nicavangelists. It was a stage in my life where I learned to love people and to be a disciple of Jesus
going to the nations and preaching the gospel trying to help others with a message of hope as God changed my life
 and that of many of my colleagues in the group
 after 7 years with the nicavangelists my life is going through a stage of many problems my country is in a crisis
the government is massacring all the young people of my country and my family is going through many problems.
I have not been able to return to my country, I have to pray to God and try to follow the call that God is taking in my life.
I have the opportunity to come to a new call that God is coming to me regardless of what is happening because with faith and prayers I will go forward
I had this year the opportunity to go to Jucum (YWAM) a Bible school where I could open my mind and my thoughts.
where I can learn how to be a better leader for those young people who need someone who can help them spiritually
and I feel that jucum is a step in my spiritual life, a way of knowing what God has prepared for me.

I know that Jucum will help me and teach me with my training in many points of my life through a relationship with God.

THAT IS ELIEZER’S LIFE-STORY as written by him. In travelling from outreach with The Nicavangelists in California, to their DTS in Spain, I wanted both Eliezer and Lorenzy-Ella to have a week-out, where they could just rest and regather. We chose Mumma Susan’s house in Texas to do just that. There they were treated to a photo shoot, a trip to the circus, home-cooked meals, a warm welcome at church and of course a lot of love from Mumma Susan and her friends. Whilst there, Eliezer wrote this story with Mumma Susan’s help:

Lorenzy and I made it to Texas and Mom Susan picked us up at the airport in Houston and it was Green Acres here we come!!!!!  She said it's not green, but brown. 

I was quickly put to "work" after a good night’s sleep. I started fixing things around the farm. Seeing the cows reminded me of my childhood growing up on the farm in Nicaragua.  I quickly found my way to the old barn where I discovered a camouflaged buggy & it started right up & I took a tour of the farm in it & the neighbors to see a real to life oil well!!!! However they promptly called the Sheriff's Department & the buggy (which I later found out wasn't even Mom Susan's) made its way back to the old barn. 

Then since I fixed the truck I practiced my donut making skills on Mom Susan's farm. We attended church on Sunday & saw some familiar faces & visited with them.  Later Mom asked to "take care" of a sick kitten with no tail.  I took it down to the pasture where I attempted to strangle it but it scratched me & ran away & I caught it & put it in a bag & strangled it & was so sad, but this is farm life. 

It rained for several days, but this evening we went to do a photo shoot for Lorenzy . Tomorrow we head out to start our adventure to Spain!  Thank God for all the blessings, Eliezer.

AND SO, they are there. In Spain. Ready and open for all the love, blessings, wisdom, experiences, teaching and adventure that goes with the territory. Today they are meant to pay their first set of fees, some 1,000 Euros each. We don’t have that. If you would like to partner with them in this exciting journey, please CLICK HERE to reach Eliezer’s campaign and CLICK HERE for Lorenzy-Ella’s. If you'd like to follow their journey on facebook, please CLICK HERE for Eliezer's page and CLICK HERE for Lorenzy-Ella's.

hola mi nombre es eliezer soy de managua nicaragua .
desde que naci mi papa me abandono y mi mama tubo que ir a otro pais a trabajar para buscar un mejor futuro
mis abuelos de isieron cargo de mi y me ense;aron a trabajar en una granja desde los 8 a;os
trabaje con vacas obejas y sembrando granos bacicos en el campo ala edad de los 12 a;os comense a salir alas calles y
siempre memetia en problemas de alchool y me junte con muchas personas malas que creia q eran mis amigos y solo me ense;aron a rrobar
alos 15 a;os jesus llego a mi vida atrabes de los nica evangelists. fue una etapa de mi vida donde aprendi a amar a las personas y a ser un disipulo de jesus
illendo a las naciones y predicando el evangelio traytando de alludar a otros con un mensaje de esperanza de como dios avia cambiado mi vida
 y la de muchos de mis compa;eros de el grupo
 despues de 7 a;os con los nicabangelis mi vida esta pasando por una etapa de muchos conflictos mi pais esta atrabesando una crisis
el gobierno esta masacrando a todos los jovenes de mi pais y mi familia esta pasando muchos problemas
no e podido regresar a mi pais no me a quedado mas que orar a dios y tratar de seguir el llamado que dios esta aciendo en mi vida.
tengo la oportunidad de acudir a un nuevo llamado que dios esta aciendome sin importar lo que este pasando porque con fe y oraciones saldere adelante
e tenido este a;o la oportunidad de poder ir a jucum una escuela biblica donde podria abrir mis orisontes 
en donde puedo aprender como ser un mejor lider para esos jovenes q nesesitan a alguien q pueda alludarlos espiritual mente
y siento q jucum es un paso en mi vida espiritual una forma de saber lo que dios tiene preparado para mi espiritual mente.
se que jucum me alludara y me ense;ara con mi entrenamiento en muchos puntos de mi vida atrabes de una relacion con dios

Friday, 7 September 2018

POST by JED: Losing a Daughter, Gaining Baggage


Had an AWESOME NIGHT at church tonight! We went on outreach and then shared/performed at a TOP Latino Church in downtown Los Angeles. THEY ARE GOLD!!! We were believing God for a single soul, yet we saw 4 people surrender their lives to Jesus! It was very emotional, lots of tears. One lady had been believing God for her husband over the last 24 years!  

Please pray for Jonny. His grandmother passed away last night. Jonny’s mother was washing her and she passed away in Jonny’s mother’s arms. Jonny is distressed. The family is not rallying around like they should. Jonny is now understandably in a tug-of-war state of mind and would like to return to Nicaragua to bury her. His cousins are not stepping up and Jonny is infuriated. The situation is dangerous for Jonny, and some Nicaraguans at church tonight gave advice for him to remain stateside.

Lorenzy-Ella began her journey to Madrid last night. Her first stop is Houston with The Nicavangelists' Momma Susan. Lorenzy will have the opportunity to rest, recieve jabs for all sorts of exotic diseases (She is SO looking forward to that) and finish her academic school year. On the 12th of September she’ll board a flight bound for Miami, stay the night at the airport, then catch a connector flight to Charlotte and then on to Spain. Her travel and school companion is Eliezer, our Nicavangelists assistant director and neighbour in Nicaragua.

Lorenzy doesn’t ask for much. She likes caramel machiattos and that’s about all I know of. She’s committed to the  task of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and to the Nicaraguan people.

And so hours before we took Lorenzy to LAX for her United Airlines flight, she asked me for one thing. The dear poppit requested I buy her a small personal item (As they’re now known in the US, a “small bag” that can fit under an aircraft seat). I darted with Eliezer to Walmart, then Marshalls. I looked at the thousand different designs but couldn’t find something tiny and with wheels.

Then Eliezer found the pearl – a square, more pink than red, bag. It had wheels, was fairly large but still tincy-wincy and the BOAST of its label was that the luggage item was perfectly designed for placement under an aircraft seat. I had the store attendant retrieve a measuring tape (You would’ve thought I was asking for her undergarments the shopkeeper was so begrudging of my request) and I measured it. Only an inch and a half too long in one direction. Then the price… $50!!!!!!!!!!! Tooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I bought the ding-dang bag as I’ve not paid Lorenzy in years and she’s never asked for anything (Except caramel machiattos).

I pranced through the door in royal fashion, chuffed with my completed conquest, luxury luggage item held high overhead. As I brought the bag down to eye-level I noticed the tag with the price still on it (Recommended retail, $100). I ripped it off whilst Renz was still suffering a blinking fit. “HOW MUCH WAS THAT???” she exclaimed. “You’ll never know! Besides, no price is too great for a beautiful thing such as yourself.” My darling daughter gratefully accepted the gift, packed it full-to-the-goog of essential female paraphernalia, and we got in our very own mega-bus and cruised on down the motorway to the airport (Stopping on our way at Venice Beach to watch “high” dance youth in their own virtual dance world (?) complete with fluro blue glow bands. It’s Venice Beach.).

We checked-in (I held myself back, not taking over during the kiosk check-in process. Anyone who truly understands me, understands the pain I was in), took way too many selfies, had a serious chat, prayed, hugged, kissed, then waved as two of my favourite treasures headed through security. AND THEN I SAW IT! Lorenzy had ditched my gift in favour of her old, stinky, war-torn, 5th grade at Nicaraguan Christian Academy, tie-dye, backpack. I only saw red.

“DARLING, SWEETY, POPPIT! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE $50 BAG I BOUGHT YOU 3 HOURS AGO???!!!” (I was trying to sound pleasantly surprised, I don’t think I fooled anyone) “I like this one.” “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?” “It holds more stuff and I can fit my laptop in it. Thanks Dad. Bye Dad.” ???

I’m not used to sending my children away. Oh sure, when Fran left I had champagne chilling in our car at the airport, and I’m sure she ordered a drop on her Sydney-bound Qantas Airways flight, but that was different. She needed to go (for university) and we needed her to go (for psychological health reasons). Her 5th grade backpack? Something inside me snapped. I choked. Suddenly, like out of the movie “Father of the Bride,” I didn’t see a focussed, missions minded, accomplished, capable young adult in front of me in that security queue. Instead I was gazing at a mischievous, “let me just pull my hand out of the cookie jar,” “I need to read her a story and tuck her into bed,” 5 year old.

That’s my Renzy-roos. I ask you to pray for her as she’s quite the mile ahead of her at the Youth With A Mission, Discipleship Training School in Spain with which she's enrolled. She’ll be fine and will do exceedingly well. But more importantly, I ask that you pray for me. I’ve lost an ear. I’ve lost a hand. I’ve lost a shoulder. I’ve lost a brain. I’ve lost a heart. I’ve lost a friend. I’ve lost a translator. I’ve lost a performer. I’ve lost wisdom. I’ve lost a calming voice. I’ve lost love. But most importantly… I’VE LOST MY DAUGHTER! (BUT... gained baggage)   

Lorenzy’s flights were paid for by Nanny in Australia (Eliezer's were paid for by a faithful friend in San Francisco). In the next week we need to raise 1,000 Euros for the first instalment of her fees. Please CLICK HERE if you're keen to help out.

Also, if you’d like to contribute towards Jonny’s/abuela’s travel/burial/funeral expenses, please CLICK HERE

Love to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, 30 August 2018

POST by JED: September Snapshot

Hello, Hola, G’day!

WE REALLY NEED A MOVE OF GOD!!! Please believe with us… As our troupe plows forwards, and as Nicaragua continues to be caught up in a socio-political crisis worse than we’ve ever seen before, we know God has a plan. We're in a challenging place, looking to God and having faith and knowing that he wants us to act, but how?

In the month of September these are a couple of things we're focussing on:

1. In 2 weeks Eliezer and Lorenzy-Ella leave for their YWAM DTS in Spain. They'll be working with Moslem refugees in Europe or Africa. We are excited about these 2 going, it's going to be life-changing for them and will further grow their ministerial giftings. The impact they'll have on their world will be felt for all of eternity!!!

Here are the links to their campaigns (So that you can support them through your prayers, giving and messages):

2. We've been on Fox News, ABC, CBS. Fox news in Reno even made this video for us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDwB02Smy04

We see our role as being advocates for Nicaraguan children, though now our lives are at risk and we cannot return to Nicaragua (In the short-term). So why are we seeking a media platform? Well, excellent question...

Since the 18th of April, the Nicaraguan Sandanista Government is guilty of murdering, raping, kidnapping, torturing, humiliating, imprisoning, terrorizing, abusing and neglecting an innocent population. Over the past 4 months in Nicaragua more people have been murdered than in Venezuela over the past year. More people have been murdered over the same period in Nicaragua than in Gaza. I have witnessed with my own eyes, in real life (not via the internet), government paramilitaries attacking children and youth in the streets. Kids have been burnt alive. Babies have been shot dead.

On the international stage, the Nicaraguan government requests respect for due process, a privilege it does not afford its citizens. The government’s agenda is to terrorise the population and hence repress the people and have them retreat in fear.

Approximately 450 Nicaraguans are now dead as a direct result of the Nicaraguan Government’s “cleaning” operations conducted by the National Police, army (possibly… operating in plain clothes), Sandanista Youth and pro-government paramilitaries (It is also possible some operatives are on loan from Cuba and Venezuela – protesters and prisoners have heard Cuban and Venezuelan accents from attackers and captors). Hundreds are missing, thousands have been injured.

The Catholic Church is under attack. Peace seeking clergy having been violently assaulted, kidnapped and murdered. Through a law change in July, public protest is now illegal, akin to terrorism, & hundreds have been arrested. Thousands are now fleeing or have fled Nicaragua.

The situation seems hopeless. President Daniel Ortega and his Vice President and wife, Rosario Murillo, refuse to step down from power and the majority of the Nicaraguan population (Approximately 70%) are demanding the Presidential couple resign. The population have taken to civil disobedience; forming roadblocks, going on strike, marching in protest, etc. Whilst the international community sits on its hands, the death toll continues to increase.

THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS. The socio-political crisis in Nicaragua is an important issue for the WEST. Nicaragua is a neighbour of the US, located just a 2 hour flight south of Miami, a 3 and a half hour flight from Los Angeles.

Nicaragua is a part of ALBA, along with Venezuela and Cuba, and cooperates with countries often at odds with the WEST, such as Russia, Iran and China. Nicaragua is on the brink of a civil war, and a destabilising force in the region, potentially sending many tens of thousands of refugees across the southern US border. The Nicaraguan government is massacring its population and making a mockery of democracy, sitting at stark odds with the boast of Western values.

THE WEST NEEDS TO ACT. The West has the ability to persuade Nicaragua to take a different tack, as was seen when the Ambassador to the OAS, Carlos Trujillo, met with the Nicaraguan President and convinced him to allow investigators into Nicaragua from the OAS, UN and EU. The West, if working in unity, could persuade the Nicaraguan Government to obey international law, by imposing sanctions (The US has already slapped some sanctions on Nicaragua, and the EU is considering doing so). Western governments could challenge the dictatorial presidential couple to leave office, facilitate a care-taker government, & assist with the organisation of early elections.    

In Nicaragua, led by my assistant, Shamyr, we are hiding kids who we believe are on government hit lists. In December we'll bring them across the border into Honduras and hopefully get them visas to work with us in other countries. The answer is NOT for them to leave Nicaragua, as they are their country's future, but they do need to be brought out for a time until this socio-politcal crisis is over.

Thank you for working with us to realise a bright future for young Nicaraguans! To learn more about how to pray/give (For street kids we’re bringing in), please click on the following link: https://www.givesendgo.com/nicanewtrouperecruits
Loads of love,


Tuesday, 28 August 2018

POST by JED: Lorenzy is OFF TO SPAIN!!!

G’day Peeps!
It’s ol’ fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants Jeddo on the lappy-tappy here! Really excited to share that my darling daughter, Lorenzy has today been accepted to attend a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Spain! We’re excited because the focus of this training center has been on Islamic refugees in Europe for the last couple of years, and that’s work our troupe is interested in for the future. They also have a hip-hop theme which is positively groovy-baby.
Today as we (Lorenzy, Eliezer and myself) drove to a clinic in Los Angeles for the physical exam and booster shots required by YWAM, we were stopped at the lights when Lorenzy pointed out a girl sitting on the overpass handrail. She was not far from where our car was stopped (We were waiting for green baby, GREEN). I froze and then ordered Renz to “get out and go speak to her.” As Lorenzy opened the door and began to put her foot out the door, the lights turned green in front of me and I put my foot down. It was an automatic reaction, I wasn’t trying to kill my daughter.
I hadn’t communicated my thought, but it was that if we moved forward, we’d get to the darling poppit more quickly. She leaned out, her entire body, save for her hands and feet, hanging from the bridge. Then a police unit came roaring towards us. We stopped our vehicle and allowed them to “chuck a Uey.” The policeman jumped out, approached the lass, and pulled her back over. He didn’t seem alarmed, just needing to act swiftly. As we drove past we looked at the teenager. She was a pretty thing, about 18 years old. She was crying. Perhaps she’d hit rock bottom? (Figuratively speaking)
Hopelessness, it’s everywhere. It isn’t associated wealth, knows not colour, isn’t restricted to a continent and seems to drape its darkness wherever it pleases. Lorenzy has fought with feelings of hopelessness in the past. Even now it attacks rather randomly. But, Lorenzy looks towards the light, to Jesus, who died to stab feelings of hoplessness in the guts. Nowadays Lorenzy knows the pain of struggling with hopelessness, but also knows it has no hold on her, she’s surrendered it to the cross of Jesus Christ.
The last words Jesus spoke were to “GO and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I (Jesus) have commanded you.” So Lorenzy goes… she goes to know the love of God, and to share that love with a sick and dying world…
Please click on the following link to support Lorenzy. We immediately need $650 for Lorenzy’s airfare and a couple of thousand dollars for Lorenzy’s school fees and accommodation expenses: https://www.givesendgo.com/DTS4LorenzyWithYWAM
To follow Lorenzy on facebook, please click on the following link and like it: https://www.facebook.com/Bachata-Lorenzy-Ella-668392229910336/
Loads a love to all of ya’ll!